Acta Geoturistica is open-access international research journal devoted to geotourism and mining heritage, as well as tourism, natural heritage protection and preservation. The journal is published jointly by the Institute of Geotourism, International Association for Geotourism (IAGt), Institute of Geotechnics, Slovak Academy of Science, Faculty of Mining, Ecology, Process Control and Geotechnologies (FBERG) of the Technical University of Košice and the Faculty of  Science of the Pavol Jozef Šafárik University in Košice. It has two issues per annum, plus special issues devoted to Conference Proceedings and other collections of papers on a specific scientific topic.

Geotourism has at present a number of definitions. For the purpose of this Journal, geotourism is defined as tourism, connected to a wide range of values of geosites (geological, geomorphological, petrological, mineralogical, palaeontological, etc.) plus the tourism related processes attached to them. Geotourism has also an explorative connotation. It frequently includes archaeology, art, architecture as well as mining related industrial activities.

The Acta Geoturistica is open to extensive co-operation with Geological, Mining and Ecology oriented associations, corporations, universities, museums, geoparks, tourist agencies and NGO’s, relative to participation in publishing their research and other professional papers.

An additional aim of this journal is to promote sensu lato geological and mining heritage sites as tourist attractions, to promote interdisciplinary research and the all-round protection of nature- and mining heritage sites, as well as to promote eco-friendly business activity in geotourism.


Please note that each manuscript submitted to our journal is a subject of a double-blind review.

Pavol Rybár,
Editor in chief

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